How does Gexpertise save 20% of its meeting time?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at Gexpertise


time saving

+10 000

actions are managed in Aster


of meetings have
a shared report

How to improve the efficiency of hybrid collaboration by homogenizing your meeting practices and keeping perfect track of exchanges, actions and decisions?

Testimony of Olivier Fournier, Managing Director of Gexpertise and Olivier Minot, Director of real estate department

Gexpertise in a nutshell

Real estate engineering group that brings together the skills of surveyor, diagnostician, modeler and project manager.
It has 190 employees.

“I used to lose 15 to 25% of my time focusing on formalizing and sharing the report. Today, I have recovered this time to focus on the quality of the meeting.”

Olivier Minot, Director of real estate department

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better employee engagement
  • ✔️ Time savings for better meeting quality
  • ✔️ Clear communication about each person’s responsibility
  • ✔️ Seamless integration into the employee environment

Their favorite features

  • Strong integration with Microsoft 365 environment and Outlook in particular
  • Traceability and follow-up of actions decided from one meeting to the next

“Aster is our frame of reference. Thanks to this, we have a more efficient collaboration”

Olivier Fournier, Managing director

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