Transform your committees

Aster gathers all your decision elements in one place, before, during and after the meeting. Easily exchange, discuss and distribute your action plans.

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Before the meeting

Save time in structuring

Use our templates or create your own to structure your meetings: team meeting, 1-1, executive committee... Categorize the elements: subject, task to be carried out, decision to be made, free text...

69% of Engie meetings are based on our meeting templates.

Engage your attendees

Clarify your participants' expectations for the meeting. Everyone knows why they are coming and what they need to do to prepare it. Aster will follow up with participants on your behalf, to ensure they prepare for the meeting. Without wasting your time.

The number of participants contributing to meetings has increased by 79% at Société Générale.

Centralize all information

Aster centralizes all your contributions and those of your participants in one place. Thanks to the integration of external views, find your Qlik Sens, Power BI... dashboards updated in real time without leaving the meeting.

During the meeting

Boost your animation

It's all in there. Just scroll down to your topics, which contain contributions from participants. Filter by categories (tasks, topics to discuss...) or by tags to animate your meeting according to your priorities.

Suez makes 3 times more decisions per meeting.

Keep time under control

Each participant must be aware of the time elapsing, especially when they have the floor. For this reason, as soon as it is launched, the timer is displayed on the screen of all participants and remains visible throughout the page. It also alerts you when it is time to conclude.

Tessi has reduced its meeting duration by 22%.

Contribute all in real-time

Participants can contribute during the meeting, in real time. The perfect way to make sure you don't forget any important questions or bright ideas, without interrupting the presentation! Perfect for remote meetings.

As soon as the meeting ends

Send your report at the end of the meeting

Your report is already ready! In one click, send it to the participants. No loss of time, no loss of information.

95% of the meetings at Le Faucheur end with a report.

Find all your tasks in one place

Gain efficiency by tracking all your tasks at a glance. Aster gathers them in your dashboard and synchronize them with your favorite tools (Planner, Task, Trello...). And since everything is tracked and centralized, you can trace the history of any action or decision. 

Roche can already track over 450 decisions and 2,000 tasks.

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Your next meeting is already ready

Your meeting is recurring? The next one is already ready! Aster automatically collects the elements of your report (agenda, subjects, tasks...) to create the agenda of the next meeting.

It is not recurrent? You can start from any report to create a new meeting, in 1 click!

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