How does OPCO Santé
revolutionize its committee structure?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at OPCO Santé


time saving

+1 300

decisions have been taken in Aster


of meetings have a report shared within the hour

How to rethink its comitology and access to information for the efficiency of its team?

Testimonials from Sylviane Leclercq, head of partnership development and work-study programs, and Pierre Leduc, director of digital transformation at OPCO Santé.

OPCO Santé in a nutshell

The Health Skills Operator (OPCO) is a French government-approved organization in charge of supporting professional training. It is dedicated to the private health sector (medico-social, work-related health, private hospitalization, etc.). It brings together 110,000 companies and structures.

“After a year of using Aster, we've noticed how much more efficient we are in meetings. We have saved time. The decision making and action plan circuit is much more efficient at the end of the meeting.”

Pierre Leduc, Director of digital transformation

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better involvement of participants
  • ✔️ Time saving, especially in the preparation of the meeting and the writing of the report
  • ✔️ Better efficiency in meetings
  • ✔️ Centralization of reference information

Their favorite features

  • Intelligent sorting of the meeting elements from one occurrence to another
  • Export of the report in PDF instantly

“The great added value of Aster is to have a traceability of the debates, a traceability of the decisions from instance to instance.”

Sylviane Leclercq, Head of partnership development and work-study programs

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