How does BRED monitor its GDPR compliance?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at BRED


time savings


actions are managed by the DPO in Aster


of meetings have a shared report

How to ensure the data protection department of BRED constantly complies with the General Data Protection Regulation?

Testimonies from BRED Banque Populaire of Nicolas Reymond, Data Protection Director & Redouane Djedir, Data Protection Officer

BRED in a nutshell

Diversified popular bank for individuals, professionals, large companies and institutions. Its core business is commercial banking in France, the French overseas territories and abroad. It has 6,300 employees.

“Before Aster, everyone wrote down the actions decided on in their own notes. Due to the lack of time, reports were not always produced for our 1to1. So everyone had their own interpretation of the decisions made during the meeting.”

Nicolas Reymond, Data Protection Officer

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better management of individual and collective actions
  • ✔️ Time saving, especially in the preparation of the meeting and the writing of the report
  • ✔️ Better efficiency in meetings
  • ✔️ Centralization of reference information

Their favorite features

  • Taking and sending notes from Outlook to their Aster meeting without leaving the application
  • Automatic preparation of a meeting thanks to the content of other dependent meetings and the previous report.

“Aster is an easy to use tool that improves the monitoring efficiency and provides a very clear and transparent sharing.”

Redouane Djedir, Data protection representative

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