How does Gexpertise improve
its commercial performance?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at Gexpertise


actions with a clearly identified manager are monitored in Aster


time saving


of reports are sent within the first hour after the meeting has ended

How to improve the sales performance of the company through a better customer relationship and respect of the deadlines of the actions (sending of estimates, customer recalls...)?

Testimony of Corinne Drissi, commercial coordination manager at Gexpertise

Gexpertise in a nutshell

Real estate engineering group that brings together the skills of surveyor, diagnostician, modeler and project manager. It has 190 employees.

“I have a global vision of the tasks to be done by my sales team or of the decisions taken and which must be implemented. Aster helps me in the commercial efficiency: both in saving me time and in following up the actions.”

Corinne Drissi, commercial coordination manager

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better empowerment of employees
  • ✔️ Better customer follow-up thanks to a better follow-up of actions
  • ✔️ Time saving on the preparation of the meeting and the writing of the report
  • ✔️ An ergonomic tool for a quick handling

Her favorite features

  • The ease and speed of saving a meeting template
  • The centralization of all reports

“I do a lot of sales meetings to review opportunities, follow-ups, and estimates sent out with my team. Aster provides me a better follow-up from one meeting point to the next.”

Corinne Drissi, commercial coordination manager

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