How is CRP RATP improving its governance?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at CRP RATP


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How to improve governance by optimizing processes and practices of its meetings?

Testimony of Christophe Duméril, CIO at CRP RATP (Retirement fund for the personnel of the Parisian Transport Authority)

CRP RATP in a nutshell

It is a social security organization that manages the special pension schemes for RATP employees and former employees. The main missions of the fund are to ensure financial management, collect staff contributions, manage members’ pension rights and pay out pension rights. This concerns 55,000 employees.

“Aster is a collaborative governance tool that simplifies the management, monitoring and organization of more than just meetings.”

Christophe Duméril, CIO

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better employee engagement
  • ✔️ Better decisions through centralized information
  • ✔️ Simplified action management with direct accountability and automatic reminders
  • ✔️ Time saving on writing and reading the report

His favorite features

  • Add tags to identify a group of actions or information
  • Take notes from any Chrome page to feed his meetings

“Aster is a tool with a dual role: it is a digital assistant for managing internal and external cross-functional exchanges.”

Christophe Duméril, CIO

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