How does Hex Group improve its productivity by rethinking its best meeting practices?

Some figures of the impact of Aster at HeX Group


of meetings are shorter

+12 000

actions are managed
on Aster


of meetings have
a shared report

At the origin of the use of Aster at HeX Group is an observation: the meeting has become a constraint, an obligatory passage which loses efficiency at sight.

Testimonials of Tony Wattrelot, co-founder of HeX Group, Marie Charlemagne, Marketing Manager and Florent Longuet, Sales Manager.

HeX Group in a nutshell

HeX Group is a company specialized in the control of ultra-clean environments (hospital, pharmaceutical, industrial, biotechnology sectors). It has 50 employees.

“Each time we had the same problems and this generated frustration for everyone. We had the feeling that we were going to meetings but not necessarily being useful.”

Tony Wattrelot, Co-founder

Observed benefits

  • ✔️ Better-framed meetings
  • ✔️ Collective note-taking
  • ✔️ More engaged participants
  • ✔️ More decisions and a clear action plan at the end of each meeting

Their favorite features

  • Task tracking by meeting and globally
  • Assynchronous and collaborative preparation of each meeting

“While our meetings are just as long, there are many more topics discussed in that time and many more decisions taken.”

Marie Charlemagne, Marketing manager

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